The Ground Section

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The Ground Section

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A building has been specially designed to house the Ground Section of the Museo della Marineria (Seamanship Museum) of Cesenatico. It is a two storey building which reminds an old dockyard.

The ground floor exhibition goes around the traditional boats theme: the building techniques, building sites, tools, materials and manoeuvre systems are all analysed. Then it moves on to the transformation of the boats, until we reach speedboats.
In the centre of the room there is a trabaccolo (1) and a bragozzo (2), complete with all the tools and sails. Also in the ground floor items that are part of the propulsion system like anchors, knots, pulleys, helms, sails and engines can be seen.

The stairs take you up to the top floor, made of two terraces that allow the visitor to observe from above and to see from very close the masts of the two boats placed in the centre.

The first floor is also the space used to express the relationship between the man and the sea, the sea life, the fishing, other sea connected activities, and also the culture and aspects of the social and religious life. Among these, the symbology linked to the colours and the decoration of the boats bow and sails is analysed.

 A. Cocchi.

Trad: A. Sturmer 


 1)   A small boat used for fishing; a small ship lug-rigged on two or three masts.

2)  A fishing or transport boat for coastal navigation in the Adriatic. It has two masts with a lug sail.


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