Christmas snow animation swf

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Christmas snow animation swf

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Ugo Bertotti. Christmas. Animation swf.

 A bright Christmas tree full of lights and colours for this clip art created by Ugo Bertotti and offered by Geometrie Fluide’s website. You can download it to use for your Seasons wishes

The gift picture  in this page can be published on the web and can be pasted on a mail text. This clip art with red background is a gif picture and can be teamed up with Christmas, Events, and your best wishes. Click on the link for see others imagines.

Geometrie fluide offer a wide choice of free pictures on this subject. There are several versions of this illustration, gif and jpg. In the table below, you can find the several versions currently available of this picture.


Santa Claus and snow jpg

Santa Claus and snow animated  gif

Santa Claus and snow animation swf

You can download the picture on this page for free for personal use, for your mail and for your blog.

The gift picture in this page can be published on the web and can be pasted on a mail text.

To create a mail with this picture, right click, select “Copy”, then go to your mail, right click and select “Paste”. The picture will be copied to your mail.

The same procedure can be used to insert the picture to your website or blog.

If you want to save the picture on your computer to be used later, right click and select “Save picture as…” then name it and the picture is ready.
If printed, the gif picture will reduce size. Therefore, if you want to print, we advise to choose a jpg picture in Clip Art Free or a jpg version of this picture.

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