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For his whole life Michelangelo maintained, continuously and with tenacity, that he was mainly a sculptor. Yet, no other artist has been equally talented and inimitable in painting, in sculpture and architecture as him.
He is the dominant personality of the 1500s: the artistic tradition known as "mannerism" came from his teachings and became the point of reference for other artists in the following years.
Contemporaries dedicated well three biographies to this lone and brilliant artist. Besides the abridged one from Sansovino, the most famous and complete are the ones from Giorgio Vasari and Ascanio Condivi, both written around the 1600s. Vasari, who put Michelangelo at the top of a whole generation of artists "from Cimabue to our times" declared that after him - a downright incarnation of "art perfection" - all that was left was decadence.
Michelangelo expressed a very personal vision and a very original style in his art. The stronger characteristic is tension, an energy that is always found in his works, due to his continuous objective to surpass himself and due to his dissatisfaction. There is always an eagerness to go beyond his own limits.
Contrary to the art of Raffaello  where everything is about composure and perfection, and is manifested with a particular creative serenity, Michelangelo makes of art a dramatic expression. While Raffaello is the greater interpreter of his own time, participating in the ambition of the society and of the courteous civilization of the Renaissance, for the genius that was Michelangelo, art is a personal fact, an individual expression.


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Michelangelo. Lybian Sibyl. Fresco. 1508-12. Detail. Sistine Chapel. Rome, Vatican.

Daniele da Volterra. Michelangelo Portrait. 1550-52. Drawing in red chalk on paper.


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