The Trip to Ferrara

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The Trip to Ferrara

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The trip to Ferrara, to the court of the Este family, documented in 1449, represented another important stage in the artistic training of Andrea Mantegna.
With the masters from Ferrara, Andrea shared the classic training, but had also the opportunity to appreciate their ability with the virtuous use of the line and with the orchestration of the metallic colours in an original manner. Andrea assimilated even some characters physiognomy with very marked and expressive features.
He  was certainly able to get familiar with the art of Piero della Francesca from the works (today lost) he left in Ferrara to Borso d'Este around 1448-50. These are frescoes carried out by Piero for the Palace of Este and for St. Andrew's Church.
Through the Este's collection, Mantegna had the opportunity to know the paintings of  Flemish painters, who, based on documentation, were guests of the court of Lionello d'Este between 1449 and 1459.
Among them, Rogier Van Der Weyden persona stands out, who made a very much praised Deposition for Lionello quarters, admired mainly for its dramatic interpretation.

 A. Cocchi

Trad.: A. Sturmer



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Rogier Van Der Weyden Lamentation of Christ. 1450 ca. Oil on wood. 111 x 95 cm. Florence, Uffizi


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