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Light heart

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Ugo Bertotti. Light heart. Swf animation

If life smiles to you, this Light heart, made by Ugo Bertotti  brings pleasure and fun for you.
This clip art is in vector animation format (swf), and can be used in your site or blog in order to create a particularly efficient visual call for an event or advertising campaign on the web. As for the subject, it can be related to sites and blogs that deal with sentimental issues, but also could be a happy icon for a blog about cardiology.

Ideal for St. Valentine's, or for a nice joke, this clip art can be associated with themes as heart,  love, couples and wedding.
Geometrie Fluide offers a great range of clip art pictures about this subject. Click on the link to see the respective files and also see other pictures.

If otherwise you are looking for high resolution formats, in order to get quality prints and big sizes, Geometrie Fluide will soon have an Album with pictures available to be purchased online. The Album will be full of coloured clip art pictures in jpeg format, ready to print.

The jpeg clip art pictures in the Album by Geometrie Fluide have an optimal resolution for printing. The noteworthy quality and visual impact of the pictures can be used in the advertisement field, to make posters, signs, brochures, leaflets, labels, tickets, T-shirts, printed clothing items and personalised gadgets.

But they were also designed to supply excellent teaching material: if you are a teacher, you can use them in your lessons, to create leaflets, to do cut outs, to use in your laboratory, to create posters, sketches and graphs, to make a PowerPoint presentation, to create exercises for the students, for literacy courses for foreign students, etc…
The jpeg pictures shown in the preview of this page are very decorative, and will be soon be available in optimal resolution for printing, in three different sizes, and will be found in the Album of Geometrie Fluide.

This animated clip art is in audio vector format (swf) and it can be used to identify your site or your blog. It can also be used as a visual call particularly effectual when associated with an event or advertising campaign via web.
This version remains for viewing in this site, but you can request it (even personalised with your name or with a company’s logo) by writing to
Geometrie fluide has a rich collection of audio animated clip arts that can be seen on the link Audio animation and swf.
There are several versions of this image, also in gif and jpeg formats, that can be downloaded free. You can choose from the table below:

Light heart audio animation swf

Light heart animated gif

For all information or requests about this image, send an e-mail to: indicating on the subject field Clip Art Geometrie Fluide.

Remember that this picture is protected by copyright, therefore the copyright writing and symbol can’t be deleted or cancelled. It is not allowed to modify, cut or use this picture for profit making.
If you publish this picture on a website or other, you must mention the author and this site. Respect the author’s rights.

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