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Moretti House

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The Casa Moretti (Moretti House) in Cesenatico is part of the cultural and touristic scenario of house-museums dedicated to great literature protagonists of the Romagna region, such as Casa Serra in Cesena and Casa Pascoli in San Mauro Pascoli.

The Casa Moretti rises by to the Canal in Cesenatico and is today an active cultural centre, where conventions, meetings, exhibitions, courses and research regarding the 1900 are organised. Among the most interesting initiatives is the "Marino Moretti" Prize, dedicated to works of philology, history and review of the Italian literature of the 1800 and 1900. The prestigious prize is held twice a year and started in 1993. Exhibitions dedicated to contemporary art and artists also often take place here.

The refresher courses from Casa Moretti, held by university professors, are addressed to all Italian literature teachers and it is recognised by the Education Offices.

Pleasant evenings dedicated to poetry reading in the gardens of Casa Moretti are organized during the summer season.

The archive and the library of Marino Moretti are open to consultation in order to promote study and research. There is also a magazine, Archivi del Nuovo, Notizie di Casa Moretti, which is published every six months. The magazine supplies information on studies and research about the Italian literature from the 1800 and 1900. A spacious area is dedicated to philology, to reviews and to activities. It is after all a point of reference for the contact and the establishment of new write's houses.

The museum is under the care of a scientific board and welcomes students and researchers, writers and readers to promote, mentor and protect literature and culture. Those who love writing and reading can find here an ideal atmosphere, where to meet other people with similar interests and with passion for books and poetry. The museum pursuits the stimulation of the curiosity and research, as well as the immersion in the depths of the being through telling, reading and through the written word.

The idea of a house-museum came from the poet and writer Marino Moretti who in 1978, had the idea to leave his canal house to the Library of Cesenatico, with all his books and maps. Moretti wanted that his house and its contents became a privileged place for "the study, instruction and education"

After his death on the 6th July 1979, his sister Ines took care of fulfilling her brother's wishes so his heritage of books, documents and manuscripts continued to be used.

The original furniture is kept in perfect condition, and the house is opened for any visitor interested in the artistic and human life of Marino Moretti. At the back of the house there is a pleasant garden where you can easily meet Cunegonda, the writer's centenarian turtle.

Being a home with all original furniture, objects, books, papers and ornaments that belonged to the writer, Casa Moretti can accommodate only small groups at a time. The visits can be done with a guide who is in charge to take the visitors in the rooms and explain the work and life of Marino Moretti.

There is a gift shop inside the house, where all the institute publications are available, as well as guides, catalogues, cards and much information material. Didactic material for schools is available free of charge.

The guided visits of the Casa Museo Marino Moretti take place during the summer months, daily, until the 31st August from 16.30 to 22.30. From the 1st September it takes place on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays from 15.30 to 18.30.
For schools and groups the visit can be booked by phone or e-mail.

Tel. 0547-79205 

The archives are opened for consultation daily and appointments are booked by phone or e-mail, as per details below:
Tel. 0547-79279

A. Cocchi.

Trad. A. Sturmer


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The desk in the office of Marino Moretti. Cesenatico.

Photo of Marino Moretti.

View of the interior of the Moretti House. Cesenatico.

Fašada of Casa Moretti by the canal of Cesenatico.

Memorial stone dedicated to Marino Moretti. Cesenatico.


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