Bragozzo - Fishing and Transport boat

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Bragozzo - Fishing and Transport boat

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The Bragozzo  (1)  is a typical fishing boat from the central and northern Adriatic and it was widely used specially around Venice, even though it travelled along the whole Adriatic up to the Ionian Sea. It stopped on the harbours along the Italian, Istrian and Dalmation coasts. Ideal for coast fishing and above all to trawl net, it offered a reasonable possibility of navigation.

It was steered by a crew between three and five men, who usually were part of the same family. Among these, the oldest ones were particularly respected, either for their experience and ability to resolve problems, or because they knew how to keep the harmony and high spirits of the crew.

The stretched shape and flat bottom boat had no ballast but a very solid structure. The most widespread type was the one with two masts with vele a terzo.  (2)  The Bragozzo is also recognised for the black colour of the hull with decorations painted in the bow. The migration of numerous families from Chioggia to Cesenatico during the 1800 brought in many Bragozzos.

There are two models in the floating section of the Museo della Marineria (Seamanship's Museum) in Cesenatico.

The Bragozzo Salmone has a winged Victory painted in the bow, holding a flower and ribbon garland and the edge of the whole ship's side is decorated with yellow lozenges on a blue background and also two doves on the prow. It is 10.60 meters long by 2.90 meters wide. The date of construction is not known, but we know that it was made in the shipyard of Giovanni Schiavon in Chioggia. The yellow and red sails are marked with the symbols of the boss of the crew.

Bigger that the Salmone and docked in front of Casa Moretti, the Bragozzo San Nicolò measures 12 meters by 3.10. It was built in 1954 in Chioggia and used for fishing for decades and then as a cabin cruiser. It is suitable to navigate with the barchét Raffaele in exhibitive outings showing incredible performance with the sails, even though a supporting engine has been added to it.

The hull is painted in red and black and the sails are yellow, red and white.

A. Cocchi

Trad.: A. Sturmer


1) A fishing or transport boat for coastal navigation in the Adriatic. It has two masts with a lug sail.

2) A type of fore-and-aft rigged sail. These sails are set along the line of the keel rather than perpendicular to it.


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Decoration of the prow of the Bragozzzo "Salmone". Museo della Marineria, Cesenatico.


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