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The fundamental characteristics of Sandro Botticelli’s style are:
- the research of a harmonious composition balance, where he chooses loose and rhythmic compositions above all;
- a light and very dynamic design, with a precise and undulating line that modulates and lightens the borders of the figure.

The line is fundamental for Botticelli, because everything in his work is based on the winding routes and movements of his drawings. Everything subordinates to the line: the colour, the prospective, the shapes and the volume. The principle of abstraction prevails in his paintings: there is no search for volume or for mass, neither for depth or chiaroscuro. The shapes are light, weightless and they seem like they are cut out from light and incisive borders. The background has no depth, they are like walls that have been drawn or embroidered. The colours are often cold and unnatural: also these are abstract.
Botticelli’s style is strange, very personal, that finds similarity only in the Sienese (1)  or Nordic areas, but it is difficult to know if he had a direct contact with these styles.
Botticelli’s paintings belong to an imaginary world, all-mental, which lives only in thoughts, not in reality. It is full of references and very complex intellectual meanings, linked to the cultural elite of the Medici, and today they come forth as mysterious or almost incomprehensible.

A. Cocchi.

Trad.: A. Sturmer




1) From Siena



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Stile:Quattrocento, Rinascimento.

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Sandro Botticelli. Madonna of the Magificat. 1483-85. Tempera on wood. Florence, Uffizi.


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