The Museo della Marineria (Seamanship Museum) of Cesenatico is a symbol of cultural tourism in the Adriatic area and offers one of the best collections of small scale fishing and transport boats of Europe. It is a relatively recent institution, bright and active, which promotes scientific and didactic activities and important cultural events. It gives above all an extraordinary importance to the "re-discovery" of the Marine Civilization of the Adriatic.

Perfectly integrated with the urban and monumental context of a coast city, the Museo della Marineria has one Floating Section located in the open air and one Ground Section, housed in a purposed built complex. Both sections offer a fascinating sight that tell the life and tradition of the Marine Civilization, a community where the economy, culture and life style all have a continuous relationship with the sea, its abundance and its danger.

The Floating Section is an open air museum. The old boats are displayed along the canal harbour, designed by Leonardo da Vinci, an axis around which the medieval city has developed and that today represents the centre of Cesenatico. The multicoloured sails of the museum's boats are the background of the touristic and social life of the city, of the promenade and of the coming and going of the several bars and restaurants scattered along both banks of the canal.

The Ground Section allows the visitors to plunge into the marine tradition. The museum is organized according to a very suggestive exhibition, containing boats, materials, tools, all charged with the life, beauty, fear, work and difficulties.

The Museo della Marineria of Cesenatico is in the vanguard of the studies about the history and maritime ethnography and offers also meeting rooms, lecture rooms, exhibition rooms, laboratories and a specialized library. It often houses seminars and conferences open to schools and to the public. It is orientated to safeguard historic and environmental matters and to increase the interest for Cesenatico and its sea, in a synergy between culture, tourism and nature.
 A. Cocchi.

Trad. A. Sturmer


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Seamanship Museum

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