One of the jewels of the Adriatic Coast in the Emilia Romagna region is Cesenatico, a fascinating tourist destination the whole year round, but mainly during the summer when it becomes the favourite place for a sand, sea and sun holiday.
The tourism is the main source of income for this pleasant and friendly town, and it develops around seaside activities, either in the cultural sector, with important monuments and artistic and historical activities, or in the entertainment sector, such as nightclubs, funfairs, shows and concerts. There are also festivals, traditional celebrations, local markets and sport events.

Cesenatico offers comfortable and fully equipped beach establishments, and a great range of choices for accommodation, with over 400 hotels, pensions, B&Bs, hostels and camping sites. The hospitability of this traditional seafaring place is renowned, as it is the local cuisine that can be tasted in the wonderful restaurants around. 
Among the most requested dishes is the Risotto alla marinara (seafood risotto), grilled fish, polenta with sepia and stuffed squid. Besides the fishing products, the area between Cesenatico and Ravenna is also sought after for the truffles and the famous wines of Romagna. Your meals will be accompanied by local wines as the Trebbiano, Sangiovese and Albana.
To treat yourself a nice holiday, particularly for sea lovers, Cesenatico is a great choice also for the good quality-price relationship.
From the cultural point of view, Cesenatico can be explored and discovered for its history and art. There is the unforgettable Museo della Marineria  (Seamanship Museum) with its traditional boats; the archaeological finds gathered in the local Antiquarium; the medieval events that led to the construction of the old Rocca (a fortress, from which recently found remains can be seen in the Parco della Rocca); the port projected by Leonardo da Vinci; and other valuable monuments, from the Communal Theatre  (dated 18th Century)  to the Liberty style houses and the modern Agip summer camp.
For music lovers and for those passionate about shows,the Communal Theatre of Cesenatico offers concerts and shows all year round, with varied music, from classic to jazz, modern and ethnic. Then there is the dance and ballet, the prose and open air events during the summer months.
The history and culture of Cesenatico is also marked by the presence of several famous personalities. Besides the already mentioned  Leonardo da Vinci, we can find other artists as the poet Marino Moretti, the painter Francesco Andreini, the rationalist architect Giuseppe Vaccaro. We can also add the doctor and astrologer  Giovanni Bonachino Ambroni, the heroe Giuseppe Garibaldi, the Malatesta and the Duke Cesare Borgia nicknamed Valentino.


 A. Cocchi

Trad.: A. Sturmer


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